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Hello from the Desk of

John Alexander Nevin

Known as "Alexander Photography"

 Amateur Tog   

  Photography is my after work time killer   

I'm full time at my day job & undertake photography at the weekends so If you're

looking for a Photographer to cover an event you have planned Then please give me a call for a free consolation       

My early day's of film, prime  FugI  35 mm manual focus  f2.8 photographing  with family & friends  to the present

    So I welcome you all so feel free & view my humble   collection of work ,still on going as I write.


Behind the Lens for past 35 Years on / off   

                               Always aiming  to capture simple but  Beautiful images  worthy of looking at & enjoying  .

 Happy to do Budget Wedding day shoot  or a Birthday Look forward to hearing from U      


07 80 83 73 171

"I stay focused ,You get the picture " 


Wedding ,Birthday Engagement shoots 

Please  drop me & email of Facebook

Kind Regards for now

If you want to drop me a Text & I will contact you

John Nevin

The Amateur Photographer

Emergency Photographer

You  can reach me via


Off to the Newcastle Arms!!!!!

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