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Alexander Photography


Wedding Day

Focusing on the heart, Aiming at the love 

Your Wedding will be photographed 

we're with you till lights out      

Your wedding day is covered from start to finish just enjoy the day as its once only with the one you want to be with forever.

To capture your morning prep in your rooms ladies so some morning robe shots always look good for the wedding album 

Working through to the last dance 

plenty of groups photo opportunities as I mingle & capturing  your family  & friends having lots of fun  with you relaxed   

 capture all your naughty trouble makers hi hi !!!

& not forgetting your special "little ones"  so be assured it will be done with fun!- fun!-fun! & lots of lovely special moments & memories  to review again and again  for all  to enjoy



Please note 50 prints selected by you and printed

to an Album

Alexander Photography

Call me


A gift for Special friend !!!

Alexander Photography

The Amateur Photographer

Pre -Wedding photoshoot 

fun time 4 hours  select a location within an hours drive


This will cover 3/4 Hours

Some Ideas

consider a gift to a friend




Canon 5dmk3 5dmk4 L

Alexander Photography

Pictures from the heart & focus on the Love

Wedding Day

    Documenting  your wedding  to capturing  the atmosphere

A record of  your big day


£ 1195

Deposit 25% 


 we're with you all the so relax as I capture a Wonderful selection of  High-resolution digital photographs.

 typical day 350/500 photos 

Images upload to the on-line gallery with no watermark

Your wedding day will  be covered from start to finish  as I mingle about as a guest low key capturing 250 to 500 photos loaded to website jpeg & Hi -res to USB for your convenience to select & print from  photos of your family & guest with real-time candid shots using various cameras & lens in a none intrusive manner

Don't worry as I can photograph all your friends and mums & dads group shots at your request

A pre-wedding consultation to discuss your plans for your big day


Call me

0780 83 73 171

Best Wishes to some naughty people

Tracy,  Margaret. Sue, Wendy, Linda. Poppie. Helen.Emma. Olivia. Ava Isabella Sophia Charlotte Mia Amelia Yvonne Sheila Barbara Aaliyah Kennedy Kinsley Allison Maya Sarah Madelyn Adeline Alexa, Ariana Elena Gabriella Naomi Alice Sadie Hailey Eva Emilia Autumn Quinn Nevaeh Piper Ruby- texas-Pat Sheila Ann  Di Gary Denis,  Martin Bob Konrad, Chris Joseph & William Sam Jenny Helana Mitzy Gaenof  Sandy & Ema

Folks Please let me know as soon as possible so get booking for your big day


Best wishers


Alexander Photography


working hard in the background to ensure your photos reach you please note

 editing of all photos to present 


Alexander Photography

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