Here at Alexander photography

We want your photoshoot day to be the very best experience on your special day

Naturally, you're going to want to keep that special dream day as affordable as possible;

We're happy to assist  & deliver exemplary service at a price to suit,

so! talk to me.

I won't bite!!!

&  you can get the kettle on


Please kindly  leave me a short message

in the first instance  on your requirements 

Place Date Time

&  a number I can reach you on

I will be happy to call you back

 happy to provide a quotes 

   Alexander photography

Supporting your day with my photography service for


 maintaining  my advertising through my pages and word of mouth;

I hope you will take a moment to view and consider

always happy to provide a free quote for any bespoke services

overheads to operate  include labour and hard costs  servicing equipment

  the yearly upkeep of the website,

Annual licence Insurance, computers, software licences Insurances

 camera equipment, 

lens, memory cards, card readers,

Software Licence,

public liability Insurance policies, equipment Insurance,

Vital that we do get together to go over your requirements.

All a part of the delivery service

Best Wishes Both

John Alexander




Alexander Photography

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