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 I was introduced to photography by my wonderful Mum, and then I was hooked to the world of camera and photos.

 today I still photograph for enjoyment and occasionally a bit of wedding work when called upon, all at a competitive price

interested in hiring me

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I am happy to be of you even if you don't book a shoot.

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18th, 21st, 50th, 60th,

Q   what the average cost of hiring a photographer today? 

Q how much to spend for a set of photos,


prices can range from

 £900 - £1800

or more


so how do these prices be justified

check links for equipment

  Well, consider the layout in equipment, backup equipment time invested by a photographer,  the background work before & after advertising, computers, software, licences, website, insurance the processing time it's going to add up.

I have participated in and photographed five small weddings. 


 From 40 hours editing on a single wedding.

It’s much more involved than shooting the big day as all the images are individually checked, edited and loaded to the web lots to think and do

Then there’s post-production image editing that ensures the images and everyone in them look their absolute best,

plus the time it takes to design the album and send out the final files.

photographing wedding moments

between family and friends

  Photograph the essence of the moment, keeping it simple but true  


I photograph end up with 300/ 350  + images from the day I all individually checked and prepared.

A beautiful presentation box with a love heart-shaped USB key with a selection of 25 prints. I do not produce Albums.

I look forward to chatting if you need some assistance.

Best Wishes



£ 695

 for 6 hours

 all Images  placed on USB & accessible via web

10 % deposit to secure a date 


1s June 2021

 Portrait & Sports



Do you bring Back up cameras & other equipment?


You will receive a link to direct you to your web page with full access to the web gallery to view at any time.


  up to my 5th wedding &  plenty of time for more 

I've done a small amount of family & some documented weddings & birthdays.

 How many images would we receive from our service? 

Image numbers largely down to how much coverage time you require in your package. My average is  300 /400 photos.  

During a typical full wedding day, 12 hours approx (bridal preparations through to first dance to the early hours), and with just me as the photographer, you will receive roughly300  /400 images.

You are assigned full and unrestricted personal access, no passwords, with rights to print and share/distribute your photos.

Can you do a  Documentary wedding?


 I can do your wedding photography.

Doesn’t rule out groups shots?

I regularly do around 4 group photographs at each wedding, and when requested, I will attend to any group photos you require or list before the wedding day service.

Do you pose a couple of portraits? all types

 I don’t pose couples. Instead, I want these portraits to be real & blend seamlessly with the documentary day coverage. Typically I’ll spend a short time with couples during the drinks reception.

  An early evening walks to capture some nice photos during the golden hour, that magical light shortly before sunset to capture some nice photos.

I do offer engagement Shoots.

( Pre Wedding Shoots)?

 July to November 

ring for the latest price

Engagement Shoot to their wedding photography package is available. 

Engagement Shoot

around 30 / 60-minute location sessions

 Engagement Shoot

is to allow you to get familiar to

wedding day photographers shoot.

Do you offer a bespoke payment?


Will you be photographing our wedding?


it will be me who will work with you

photographing your wedding, 

I do recommend 

Loxley Colour 

printing service



Alexander Photography


Love to All my Sisters

Mary- Yvonne - Margaret -Sheila -Sandra


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