Our little Wedding special

Alexander photography

For  folks with a desire for real photos in a genuinely relaxed style  go with the flow approach whatever their event might be

so do get in touch and sort a date for people who love photography but hate to pose, well sometimes

kettles on tea or coffee

 2021 /2022


what about the gift of a photoshoot

the theme is a max  of 30 mins  photoshoot 

example park, walk stroll in the countryside

pre-wedding photos    

 outdoor short photo sessions available 

 taking booking


2021 & 2022

ring to place  a booking

& have your date

John  Alexander


10% Discount for 2022 Bookings





On your special day, we are there for you to capture your very special genuine moments exactly as they happen with your beloved gang of fun making rabble-rouser’s letting their hair down with all the naughty fun & joyfulness with your family & friends,

don’t worry there will be plenty of images On your big day with lots of Images to view as they are uploaded to the Web and the best day of your life as it unfolds with a complete record of all the emotional loving moments including special, crazy bits from mates you know who they are !! with relating antics that bring even more laughter to your big day as they dance drink and enjoy making your wedding day memories that will be talked about for years to come.

It’s important that the photographer captures the real day, so keeping me on my toes moving around meeting guest attending to requests will make for producing lively but beautifully lit high-quality images. sympathetically editing set of photographs worthy of all to see During your ceremony I will blend in unobtrusively as possible with the guests while capturing those mad fun shots including specially requested photographs by guests Capturing your wedding photos in every time with warmth from the heart. I offer a full day and a half-day service package; also by-the-hour photography for smaller ceremonies

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