Gift photoshoot

considered a gift to a friend

 Gift a friend 


the opportunity to  relax and have a series of  fun photos just how you like 

 45 to 90-minute

on two local locations to their place 

Are you looking for that something different gift well why not consider a photoshoot present

to  a loved one & dear friend 

if you feel this would be what you're sure  we would be happy to make a  booking

Who doesn't like to show off great photos of their loves ones around the home and enjoy talking them over with friends over a glass or two?

The Ultimate key is making a gift that will be treasured by your friends & loved one cherished by all as it sparks conversation time and time again when guest stop to ask where did you have your   photographs taken as  they listen to your back story with interest

 So  If you are someone who wishes to become my next client I would be delighted to arrange your  photoshoot

I do hope you will be  happy to receive  your gift I will look forward to undertaking your shoot, its a  maximum of two hours it can be a walk with your friend, partner, dogs, 

 "purchase a photo-shoot for a friend"



best wishes

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