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Welcome to the Pages of  Alexander ( John Nevin )   

Located In Newark 

3 in 1


A Geek photographer into all type's of Camera's & lens covering many areas of photography & available for Wedding , Motor sports Charity,Social, Public Rally's events & all to bring the  Best  pictures & tell your Story.

Hill walks

Hill walking is a love of mine & nothing better than get onto the  Hills away for a  weekend trek, sleep under the stars, brew Bacon & eggs breakfast & beer & wash in a stream.

An   enjoyable  time for the dedicated who love a challenge  fighting the weather & bagging another  photograph for my collections.

Pubs & Camping 

Your welcome to tag along  Lake district is my Love but just a day in the local peak district  can clear the head & find a good pub quench your thirst !

 A great opportunity to bring a camera & get some nice Landscape shots 

Available to book for 2018  2019


(available to assist on emergency cover basis)     

Please get in touch in the first Instance  regarding your requirements