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Simple lovely 


Wedding day 



Alexander photography

 Aiming at simple & beautiful images on your special day



Alexander photography

Hope you Like

Ciaran & Cortney Wedding Day 2017

& so it came to be on this day !

A Simple Lovely


Big Wedding Day



Alexander photography

About me 

Married to Wendy my Wife for 34 years

& when not working on small photography assignments it's red wine Utube & Telly or dinners & feet up at our caravan by the seaside.

with two little dogs who never stop walking & eating oh!  sleeping on mums side of the bed.

Also take time out for hill walking, landscape & wildlife  photography over winter

Planning is the name of the game

so please feel free to call no preasure I'm just on the end of a phone   have fun.

If you have any special requests or just seek some advice I'm happy to chat anytime,

" right! off to walk the dogs again "


07808 373 171




HI, from John 

  I work as a part time  photographer so happy to hear from you area can cover  East Midlands

My style to be both available for group photos & mingle with your  guests

The requirements are for you to request so a discreet and unobtrusive or mix it up, allowing you to be yourselves and capturing real moments as they unfold.

   As all we photographers never want to miss  an opportunity to capture great moments of  laughter, smiles, colour, cakes, & all the splendor of the flowers arrangements brides maids or pageboy filling your day with love & happyness  during the special wedding service  to photograph everone having a great time naturally & ensuring you both enjoy your day

I work with two full frame cameras with various lens to ensure I get the results you desire when needed for you both on your special little big wedding day.

0780 83 73 171

Start time to suit you

 Bride & Groom Portraits

Images delivered to DVD & USB

Images uploaded  to website

& stored

access for  family & friends





In Newark


0780 83 73 171

But believe me when I say, two of the best portrait lenses I could ever lay my hands on are my 135 mm F2 1.4 f 85 mm

All images Copyright & held

by Photographer J Nevin 

alexander photography

Section 97(2) of the Copyright,



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