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Macmillian charity winner !!!

who now receives a  4-hour winners photo session for you & your little ones

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Alexander Photography

Hello from

John &

Hi & a warm welcome to my waffle page, 

Thank you for finding the time & dropping by & delighted to hear from you anytime by phone, skype, or facetime, email, or text or at you favourite bar having a pint in your local,

So! regarding your next lovely life-changing  big event & how I may help,

I'm just a phone call away.

 about me first.

Where are you living John

I Live in the East midlands Royal market town of Newark upon Trent located in  Nottinghamshire, married to Wendy  my long-suffering Wife of 34 years with two grown-ups off-spring  with two bossy wee dogs who are loved up to the max & terrorise each other including  ownership of the house, settee & food not to mention weekend mornings in our bed 

What are your Interests & Social time killers, John

I enjoy and a weekend out for a drink & meal meeting up with dear  friends and a good chat are just heavenly things to do,

Love rugby motorsport camping walks in the lakes & peak district some great photo locations,  electronic gadgets and the latest things on the market, music & drinking social meets with friends.

So how did you get involved in Photography John

I got into photography at a young age wanting to make  extra pocket money  I  purchased my first camera back in the 70s !!!  my school days then it was just a box with a roll of film a button and a basic viewfinder & photos of mainly family & school friends and memories of seaside days in Ireland with my mum & 5 sisters.so glad I took them photos all these years later

 photography has seen some changes along the way I love the simple way of delivering a photo in a  lovely little weddings church or civil service knowing beforehand what people want from their photographer makes for ease on the day.

Joined local photography groups  to gain insight into photography learning about setting up, light, composure, equipment, printing and never looked back some years later still have the bug to deliver great photos of real people  doing their thing I love to do individual work  

How many wedding shoots have you undertaken John

For my  Next Wedding, this will be my Sixth 

 In October 2020 for

Ian  & Margaret located at Rutland Waters 

What are you setting your standards against 

    To meet individuals tastes & expectations keep it real


My Mum Barbara's high standards as a Wedding  Baker of some  Beautiful Wedding Cakes & bespoke Wedding Dresses theses things were her speciality and part of my inspiration watching her Gracefully spending many hours planning with the Bride to be taking care to produce & deliver nothing but the finest for her Wedding couples. OMG, she spent hours late into the night making sure it was just so right, Oh I wish for them days again "My late Mother's values set the Bar for me to deliver my best in my photography work, I too wish only to deliver the best to you

"here's to all the Great Mum out there xxx"

What equipment am I using currently using 

Camera equipment will help towards getting great photos, a lot of combinations  such as Light and relaxed moments great venues great people  I shoot Canon gear  full-frame & L Glass Prime & telephoto F1.4 85mmL 135mmL  24-702.8 & 70-200 L

Thank you for taking the time to read & I hope it  helps you 

Best wishes 



Alexander Photography


Jane & Dad

Jane & Dad

Grantham By Alexander Photography

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