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Hello from the Desk of John Alexander Nevin

Known as "Alexander Photography"

 Amateur Tog   

  Photography is my after work time killer      

I started getting interested in the 70's when I busted my saving account for my first fixed lens Kodak camera role with Black & white film  as a school boy  capturing my world inside my black  box camera & it's  a magic that still holds me in suspense to this very day.

The enjoyment of  point & capturing  pictures anywhere that's legal & above board is my wish I love the freedom of streets & pubs photography the chance to meet people & talk        photography & even better over a few beers!!!       

  Places, people & wildlife,  I make no apologies for my enjoyment & love of capturing the moments around me  through my camera  lens.

Shoot with crop & Full frame prime & Zoom

So if you want to talk about some projects your into & wish to have a photographer to hand please get in touch & rates can be agreed for time & work completed 

Regards fellow Togs!!!

My early day's of film, prime  FugI  35 mm manual focus  f2.8 photographing  with family & friends  to the present

    So I welcome you all so feel free & view my humble   collection of work ,still on going as I write.


Behind the Lens for past 35 Years on / off   

                               Always aiming  to capture simple but  Beautiful images  worthy of looking at forever   .

 Wedding day shoot  or a Birthday Look forward to hearing from Your Wedding   

Typical  Prices start from around  £ 299 ono

Meeting & arrangements gone over with you

Attending  registry office & reception  approx 200 photos

Glad to help couples working on a Budget

White Wedding Church Wedding & Reception Price on approval


07 80 83 73 171

"I stay focused ,You get the picture " 


Wedding ,Birthday Engagement shoots 

Please  drop me & email of Facebook

Kind Regards for now

If you want to drop me a Text & I will contact you

( L Glass )

John Nevin

The Amateur Photographer

Emergency Photographer

Ring  if your work load is going through the roof !!!  have some work that requires covering or are a photography established Business requiring a second photographer   

You  can reach me via


Off to the Newcastle Arms!!!!!

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